Hello, Darling Readers!
If you’ve been following my blogs, you’d know that I am contributing to conda-forge as an Outreachy intern.
If you hadn’t heard of conda-forge before, the first thing I’d want you to know is; I am not making any grammatical errors when I write ‘conda-forge’ and not…


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In my previous blog I wrote about the Outreachy application process and my experience during the contribution period.
A lot has happened since then. For one; I got selected. (Yippie!)
And second; the internship has already begun. Week one completed today.

Outreachy encourages its interns to write a…

Last year my initial application at Outreachy was rejected because I had submitted it on the last day.
I had invested quiet some time in writing the essay answers and felt a bit dejected that the folks at Outreachy hadn’t even reviewed my application.

That year, reported Outreachy, there was…

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Let us try to make this a really fast paced, to the point article. Okay? Good. Let’s go!

So, ‘matlab’ is a Hindi language word which translates, in English, to ‘meaning of’. ‘Matlab’ can also be found in the Urdu language and here too it translates to ‘meaning of’.

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So, you want your computer to do a ‘2+2’ for you (you sucker). You already know that your computer (the hardware, the physical ‘thing’ you can see) is just a machine, made up of metal, plastic, silicon and stuff. You know that your computer (the thing) doesn’t actually understand your…

We are given two piles of coins containing A and B number of coins. In one move we can remove one coin from pile A and two coins from pile B or we can remove two coins from pile A and one from pile B.
(In other words, in one…

Given a string, the task is to generate all different strings that can be created using it’s characters.

For example, given string = “abc”
All possible distinct strings that can be generated using the three characters in this string are:
1. “abc”
2. “acb”
3. “bac”
4. “bca”
5. “cab”
6. “cba”

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