My Godsent, God Lookalike Mentor

Mahe Iram Khan
2 min readDec 8, 2021

In this post I talk about the time when I was a Software Engineering Intern at Quansight Labs and Jaime was mentoring me.

When I first met Jaime I thought to myself, “woah! This guy looks like Jesus with short hair!”
Jaime did turn out to be kind and patient like Jesus.

Everyday of the three months I was learning and working under his guidance was fun-filled, exciting and enriching. I have said this so many times but I can’t emphasize it enough — for someone new, someone just starting out, receiving personal mentorship is indeed God’s gift. And I am so grateful I had Jaime as my mentor. He was so involved in my progress throughout and made sure I wasn’t intimidated by all the new concepts I was learning.

But new programming concepts weren’t all that he taught me. He also taught me how to think about my code and about my involvement in the open source world. How not to overcommit, how to celebrate small wins, how to focus on details but also zoom out often.

He also cracked such witty jokes. Some of which I would memorize and deliver in front of my friends so that I’d sound all cool.

Jaime became my best supporter, my friend.
And he continues to extend his good wisdom and support to me long after the internship has concluded. (Sending you much love, Jaime!)

I am grateful, more than I can express; for this opportunity, for the mentorship and for the warm community I became a part of.
Thank you very much, Quansight Labs.